117 Handgun Loads Tested With Ballistic Gelatin


Our friends at Lucky Gunner just published a massive ballistic testing project that includes penetration, expansion, velocity and retained weight data for 117 different handgun loads. Plus, there is an easy to sort table that presents the performance of rounds in each caliber next to each other for easy comparison.

Put simply: We don’t think there is anything on the web with this level of detail and visual presentation that’s available to the public.

Over the last few months, Chris Baker of Lucky Gunner Labs has been working with the rest of the Lucky Gunner team on another one of their epic experiments, which we’re proud to help unveil: ballistics gelatin testing for over 100 self-defense handgun ammunition loads. 117 to be precise, and that’s just round one. This testing will be ongoing, and they’ll keep adding to the results as they have the chance to test more loads.

Continue to the Handgun Self-Defense Ammunition Ballistics Tests.


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