survival-gearBestBugOutGear.com – The Prepared Citizen’s Guide to the Best Survival and Tactical Gear. BBOG was born as a result of frustration with my own personal experiences in researching, finding and evaluating THE BEST SURVIVAL AND TACTICAL GEAR for emergency / disaster preparedness, wilderness survival, urban survival and self-reliance.

Searching through thousands of products marketed for “wilderness survival”, “urban survival”, “tactical”, “prepping” and “self-reliance” to filter out all the cheap crap products and unnecessary gadgets and find the best quality gear that will have REAL VALUE during REAL EMERGENCIES is difficult and time-consuming! BestBugOutGear.com exists to be your trusted source for quickly identifying and selecting the best survival and tactical gear for your specific needs.

BestBugOutGear.com supports law-abiding Prepared Citizens such as Preppers, Survivalists, Homesteaders, Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), First Responders, Search & Rescue Personnel, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and Special Operations Forces and all Military Personnel. These professionals are well trained and understand the importance of being prepared at all times. They also understand the need to be equipped with best survival gear and tactical gear available …you should too!

BestBugOutGear.com was created primarily as an Amazon Associates store. I have also chosen the best survival and tactical gear from other retailers in some categories. I AM NOT A RETAILER AND DO NOT DIRECTLY SELL ANY OF THE ITEMS LISTED ON THIS SITE. When you click on an item on BestBugOutGear.com that takes you out to Amazon or another retailer’s website and you make your purchase on their website, I earn a small referral fee from that sale.

I may add or delete gear from time to time based on product availability, cost increases, new product releases, current product evaluations, changes in product reviews, input from users, as well as other factors. Please feel free to email me at admin@bestbugoutgear.com and let me know if I’ve missed some gear you feel should be listed.

Your personal experience with survival gear is important to others whom like you, are trying to make the informed decisions regarding what to buy. You will find a comments section below every item listed. If you’ve used any of the gear listed on my site, I urge you to take a moment and share your experiences. Opsec is important to my visitors. Any personal info you send is kept private and you can submit info anonymously if you like.

NOTE TO RETAILERS/MANUFACTURERS: Please understand I DO NOT ACCEPT ADVERTISING. If you are a retailer or manufacturer who would like me to add your gear to my site email me at admin@bestbugoutgear.com and tell me more about your gear. I’ll review it and consider adding it to BBOG if it meets my approval.

If you are reading this now, my hope is you will see the value BestBugOutGear.com brings you. I encourage you to come back often and use my site when you have a need to shop for and find the best-bug out gear for your preps. Your return visits and purchases will not only help save you time and expense researching and evaluating products, they will also help a brother in Christ to prepare his own family for emergencies, disasters or other life altering events.

I pray always, that you may keep God first and be guided by the Holy Spirit in your preparedness endeavors and that you do not allow preparedness to become your idol.


I have some past experience as a retail buyer. I’ve always been very anal about researching what I buy. My goal is to find the best gear with the most value for its intended purpose …I want the best for my money. Product costs are driven by a multitude of factors, so paying more for something doesn’t always mean you are getting a better product, just as paying less doesn’t always mean you are getting a cheap product. When I consider a product for inclusion on BBOG, I determine its value by:

  1. Reading, evaluating and weighing the credibility of product reviews on Amazon
  2. Going to the manufacturer’s website and reading product info and reviews there
  3. Going to YouTube.com and watching user submitted product reviews
  4. Conducting searches to find and read reviews or other product comments by users on message boards and forums
  5. Consider ratings of other gear by the same manufacturer and judge overall quality and reliability
  6. Visiting local retailers to judge a product’s build quality hands-on
  7. Considering products and personal experiences submitted by my friends and visitors to BBOG
  8. Checking the pricing to make certain it is fair and comparable to other sites selling the same item
  9. Asking myself, “Would I buy it?”

Did You Know …some manufacturers actually pay people to write favorable and/or less favorable reviews about their products? I have learned to spot these false reviews and I take that into consideration when reading product reviews anywhere online.


Supporting your economy means being wise about how you and I spend your hard-earned dollar. If products made in China or any other countries are high quality and cost less than comparable U.S. made products, I have no problem listing those on BBOG. First and foremost, my efforts are to find the best survival and tactical gear that will last and function as expected in real-world survival scenarios …regardless of where it’s made.

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