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American Rebel X-Large Freedom-Patriot Concealed Carry Backpack

The American Rebel X-Large Freedom-Patriot Concealed Carry Backpack is the best everyday carry (EDC) style backpack that also securely conceals your handgun. This backpack features our patent-pending Proprietary Protection Pocket, accessible on each side to give quick access to both left and right-handed shooters. This sandwich-method pocket holds your handgun in your preferred position so it can be accessed quickly and safely. The backpack includes a zipper compartment with elastic secured pockets to carry extra magazines and other tactical equipment. We made our concealed carry backpack with high-quality durable materials such as Ripstop Water Resistance fabric, YKK Zippers with branded pull tabs, and UTX branded clips. This bag is strong enough to go anywhere you do, from the shooting range to the office and everywhere in between. It features pockets for your sunglasses, wallet, and other valuables and a two large main compartments with an isolated pocket large enough to hold a full-sized laptop. Carry your tablet and business materials inside with ease. The American Rebel Freedom Concealed Carry Backpack does not look like a military or tactical backpack, so you can take it to the office or on errands without alerting others that you are carrying a concealed handgun. It comes in a variety of colors such as fully black, black with grey accents, black with orange, black with brown, black with pink, grey with black trim, and even Realtree camo. Carry your handgun everywhere legally permitted and know that you will be able to protect and defend your friends, family, strangers, and yourself in hostile situations. American Rebel's everyday use concealed carry backpack gives you peace of mind. The X-Large Backpack is 21.6" H 13.8" W 7.5" D in size, so you can conveniently carry all of your daily needs as well as your firearm. The American Rebel X-Large Freedom-Patriot Concealed Carry Backpack is the perfect concealed carry backpack that also lets you carry everything.

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Vertx Ready Pack 2.0, Heather Black, One Size

vertx ready pack 2.0

Keep your essential everyday gear organized and accessible in a Ready backpack that can change its appearance to keep you under the radar. Tuck the unassuming front flap away for a quick conversion to a different appearance and access to gear loaded on the MOLLE panel. Plenty of slots and pockets and several VELCRO Brand loop panels keep smaller tools and admin materials securely stashed until you need them.

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Vertx Last Call Pack, Heather Black/Galaxy

vertx last call pack

When space and weight are important, this grab-and-go Last Call pack is perfect for keeping your essential tools close at hand. Your gear is just a tug away with the Rapid Access Pull tab and the main compartment opens like a clamshell to let you load, find and remove items quickly and easily. The front flap quickly stows behind the MOLLE panel it covers and additional storage space is available in external pockets.

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Vertx Gamut Checkpoint, 26L Backpack

vertx gamut checkpoint, 26l backpack

The Gamut Checkpoint’s sleek styling and an unassuming façade conceal the capabilities provided in this full-featured rifle-friendly gear hauler. Equally adept on the trail and the street, the emphasis is on efficient organization of an extensive load out that is easy to access yet protected by subtle pilfer-resistant construction features. The internal MOLLE panel and multiple VELCRO Brand loop panels let you customize the configuration of essential gear to best suit your needs.

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Osprey Aether AG 85 Backpacking Pack, Large

Osprey Aether AG 85 Backpacking Pack, Large

Having once graced the cover of the legendary Time Magazine, Aether AG now takes a big step forward to make your journey even more rewarding. Aether AG is designed for multi-day backpacking and carrying significant loads. The backsystem combines the comfort and ventilation of Osprey's multi-award-winning AG AntiGravity backsystem with the custom-mouldable fit of Osprey's next generation IsoForm hipbelt. A sprung mesh lumbar area, combined with stiff load bars integrated into the harness allows for impressive load transfer through the large muscle groups in the legs, enabling an even and comfortable backpacking experience. Organisation and accessibility are key during long adventures. These packs stand out with multiple access points including the J-Zip front panel access into the body of the pack, as well as sleeping back compartment with wide zip entry an internal divider. The lid not only has multiple pockets but is also removable, offering great versatility. The top of the pack remains protected without the lid thanks to the deployable FlapJacket top cover. An integrated rain cover, Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment, InsideOut compression straps and multiple attachment points allow you to carry your gear any way you like. Aether AG 85's high capacity allows for extra gear to be carried with ease on long or cold backpacking adventures. Aether AG provides uncompromising comfort, ventilation and stability for your multi-day adventures.

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Osprey Packs Aether Ag 70 Backpacking Pack, Large

Osprey Packs Aether Ag 70 Backpacking Pack, Large

For backpacking, thru-hikes and alpine expeditions, the Aether AG Series has a pedigree like no other pack. We set the bar for technical backpacking packs by combining Anti-Gravity technology with customizable fit and innovative features like our new convertible top lid to create a more capable and comfortable pack for long-haul load carrying on any multi-day excursion.When you need a pack that can carry heavy loads for up to a week or more, there is no better option than the Aether AG 70. Size XL comes with a Large hipbelt and harness.

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Osprey Packs Kestrel 38 Backpack, Medium/Large

osprey packs kestrel 38 backpack

Designed and built as a durable workhorse, the Kestrel 38 hiking pack is a true rucksack that eagerly carries gear off the beaten path into rugged, unpredictable backcountry terrain. The Kestrel has everyone covered with an integrated raincover, trekking pole attachments and organization to keep everything where it belongs and for easy access. The AirScape backpanel offers adjustable torso lengths, while the spacermesh harness and hipbelt comfortably carry heavy loads, and a slim profile doesn’t get in the way of the task at hand. Other useful features include an external hydration sleeve, tuck-away ice tool loops and dual front panel daisy chains. Back by our All Mighty Guarantee, forever.

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Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro Pro 95 Liter Backpack, Large

gregory mountain products baltoro pro 95 liter backpack

Increased capacity means heavier loads, and when full, a larger pack means more distance between the load and the user’s center of gravity. Response Pro compensates for these factors with a larger diameter aluminum wishbone frame, a full-back-length internal frame sheet, and an upgraded non-pivoting Response Pro 3D AIR hip belt to provide increase support and stability throughout the entire chassis.

RESPONSE A3 SUSPENSION: Auto Angle Adjust (A3) hipbelts and shoulder harnesses adapt to your unique body geometry for a custom fit every time you shoulder the pack. This patented system allows both harnesses and both hipbelts to rotate independently of each other, delivering a dynamic yet stable ride that adapts to your body's movements over different terrain. Response A3 helps align your center of gravity over your walking path, saving energy you’d otherwise spend on stabilization. That little bit of energy saved adds up with every step, increasing your overall efficiency—and preserving your bliss—as the miles tick by.

3D AIR HIPBELT AND SHOULDER HARNESS: Gregory’s PreCurve technology and multi-density LifeSpan EVA foam construction combine to eliminate hotspots and relieve pressure in sensitive areas. The 3D AIR mesh wicks away moisture and distributes it throughout the woven surface, increasing overall comfort and allowing the hipbelts and shoulder harnesses to dry quickly during a well-earned trail break.

WISHBONE FRAME: A high-strength tubular aluminum frame defines the perimeter of the back panel, channeling the weight of the pack to the center of your lower back and around your hip structure. This design allows your upper body and hips to flex naturally while minimizing side-to-side sway as you hike, saving energy and keeping you more comfortable over longer distances. The frame also features anti-barreling support to prevent the pack from losing its shape and keeps the load close to your center of gravity.

MATRIX VENTILATED BACKPANEL: Ventilated structural foam wrapped in breathable mesh provides enhanced moisture management in a low-profile backpanel design. It offers excellent airflow while keeping the pack very close to your back for crucial energy savings while carrying heavier loads.

ComfortGrip: A soft-molded contoured pad ensures the weight of the pack transfers comfortably to your lower back and hips. Silicone grip overlays prevent the pad from slipping, keeping the hipbelt in position on your body's main load-bearing structure.

CUSTOM FITTED RAINCOVER: Included raincover stows in a quick access zippered pocket on underside of the top lid.

U-ZIP MAIN OPENING: Full body U-Zip main opening on front of bag for easy unloading when you get to camp.

FREE DAYPACK: Removable hydration sleeve converts into fast and light SideKick Daypack with shoulder harnesses and accessory pocket.

WEATHERSHIELD HIP BELT POCKET: H20 resistant WeatherShield hip belt pocket with YKK AquaGuard zipper for quick access to you phone or camera.

SUNGLASS QUICKSTOW SYSTEM: Sunglass storage system on shoulder harness for quick, secure and scratch-free access to your shades without taking the pack off.

SIDEWINDER BOTTLE HOLSTER: One-handed on-the-go water bottle access - tucks away when not in use.

STRETCH MESH SIDE POCKET: Stretch mesh side stash pocket large enough for a second water bottle, trekking poles, sandals, snacks, etc.

DUAL FRONT ZIPPERED POCKETS: Dual front zippered organization pockets with heavy duty stretch mesh stash pocket.

DOUBLE BARRLE LID: Double Barrel top lid design with dual zippered pockets and a flexible center divider for larger items.

ZIPPERED SLEEPING BACK COMPARTMENT: Zippered bottom sleeping bag compartment with removable divider.

GIRTH-HITCHED COMPRESSION STRAPS: Removable girth-hitched lower compression MultiStraps double as an accessory strap or hip belt for SideKick daypack.

SOLAR PANEL LASH POINTS: Four top pocket lash points for solar or accessory attachment, plus dual lower lash points.

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Osprey Packs Osprey Pack Atmos Ag 65 Backpack, Large

osprey packs atmos ag 65 backpacking pack

The Atmos AG 65 is the best-fitting, most ventilated and comfortable pack ever made for traditional backpacking trips up to a week or more in duration. The innovative AntiGravity suspension makes it feel like you're carrying less weight and seamlessly wraps around your body, which means you'll enjoy every mile more than ever. From easy to use stretch mesh side pockets, Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment, and FlapJacket for lidless use, the Atmos AG 65 is still the top contender. Backed by our All Mighty Guarantee, forever.

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