Body Armor / Kevlar Inserts

Safety Shield School and Travel Backpack Soft Body Armor Inserts, NIJ RATED IIIA, Select Size

Safety Shield School and Travel Backpack Soft Body Armor Inserts, NIJ RATED IIIA, Select Size

⭐These Inserts will keep you PROTECTED from ALL Handguns and Shotguns, including the powerful Magnums!⭐

We provided the laboratory results for proof for your peace of mind!

For BEST results, insert this item into your chosen backpack/bag with the tag FACING your body. When escaping away from a threat, simply wear your backpack on your back as normal to protect your vitals. No other skills are needed.

If necessary to confront or face a threat, simply sling your bag onto the front of you. Seeing a threat, a child will naturally turn away and run in fear and as long as the child keeps his/her backpack on, the insert will protect them and it will simply help keep them safe as they escape.

Soft and Flexible Insert will not hamper your movement nor slow you down.

Travel FRIENDLY- Does not violate TSA Regulations!

Price is for 1 insert only. Insert does not come with accesories nor backpack.

If insert is in need of cleaning, simply wipe using minimal water and a mild soap and allow to dry thoroughly before use.

Why buy from us?

That is a GOOD question.....

Here are some GOOD answers!

  • We only sell NEW and QUALITY items that we have tested and would trust to use ourselves. If we aren't happy with a product, we won't sell it you!
  • We don't wait around after you have made your order. We process and ship orders the same or next day, excluding weekends and holidays.
  • All of our products come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if it is returned in undamaged and sellable condition.
  • Our Backpack Inserts come with a 5 year Warranty from date of purchase. Contact the seller for questions, claims, or concerns.
  • Read More » 16x12in Bulletproof Armor Insert Plate Soft Aramid Kevlar Pad NIJ IIIA Pack 16x12in bulletproof armor insert plate soft aramid kevlar pad nij iiia pack

This large armor insert plate is soft and light weight, It fits in a backpack/school bag, provides excellent protection. NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA rated ARAMID Kevlar pads are comfortable and lightweight. They are designed for maximum protection against pistols.


NIJ IIIA provides protection against pistols firing .357 bullets up to 125 gr (8.1 g) firing at velocities up to 1470 ft/s (448 m/s) as well as .44 Magnum bullets up to 240 gr (15.6 g) firing at velocities up to 1430 ft/s ± 30 ft/s (436 m/s). They also provide protection against most other pistol threats from .45 down to .22, including 9mm and 10mm.

These pads are convenient for anyone and fit easily into almost any backpack, briefcase, bag or large handbag. They are approximately 16H x 12W x 0.5D in (40.65H x 30.5W x 1.25D cm) and weigh around 2 lbs. The shelf life of this pad is around 5 years.

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