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Rite in the Rain pocket journal kit

Rite In The Rain Pocket Journal Kit

The 935-KIT includes the following items: · No. 935 Tactical Pocket Notebook (3" x 5") Green Don't flag your position with a standard white paper notebook. Instead, protect yourself and your notes by using the "Rite in the Rain" Tactical Notebooks. These spiral bound notebooks have 100 Universal pages (50 sheets) in green. With the Universal Pattern you can use this text for notes and scaled drawings. · No. 97 All-Weather Tactical Black Clicker Pen - Black Ink While a pencil works great on our all-weather products, sometimes you just need a pen. These all-weather pens write on wet paper and upside down in temperatures from -30F to 250F. Flat black metal barrel. · No. C935 Cordura Cover These Cordura® Covers fi t all 3" x 5" top spiral notebooks. They have a rugged zipper closure and hold up to 4 writing utensils!

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UST StarFlash Mirror/JetScream Whistle Combo

Ust Starflash Mirror/jetscream Whistle Combo

Two handy survival items, the StarFlash Mirror and JetScream Whistle by UST are conveniently attached with a lanyard and fit easily in your pack or pocket. The JetScream Whistle is a powerful signaling device that can easily be heard above most natural and man- made noises. Its ear-piercing 122dB shriek makes it one of the loudest whistles of its kind. The StarFlash signal mirror is lightweight, virtually unbreakable, floats and has a built-in precision aiming system to help you signal your target accurately.Weight: 4 oz..StarFlash Floating Mirror:.Unbreakable and scratch-resistant.Floats.Unique star-shaped opening in the center of the mirror allows for precise aiming of the signal flash at a target.Size: 2" x 3".Weight: 7 oz.

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SEE/RESCUE STREAMER – “You Have To Be Seen To Be Rescued” – Holster Version, Military-Grade ChemLights, SOLAS-Grade Retro Reflectors, can Be Seen DAY and NIGHT!

See/rescue Streamer – “you Have To Be Seen To Be Rescued” – Holster Version, Military-grade Chemlights, Solas-grade Retro Reflectors, Can Be Seen Day And Night!

Military-approved and adopted SEE/RESCUE STREAMER provides passive and continuous signaling during daylight and nighttime hours for people lost at sea or on land. Can be seen from miles away during daylight or nighttime hours, including "active" military-grade Chemlights and "passive" SOLAS-grade Retro-Reflectors integrated into a 25' long orange streamers with support struts. Stowed in a compact holster carrying case. U.S. Patent #7,695,334 - Made in the USA

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