Kershaw Black Blur Glassbreaker Knife

kershaw blur glassbreaker folding knife

Now the Black Blur has the added functionality of a carbide glassbreaker tip built into the handle. Don't settle for anything less than carbide for a glassbreaker. Steel just won't do it, but this little carbide tip will. It'll get the job done and done right. Add that to the Blur's secure-grip, contoured handle and recurved blade with partial serration, and you've got a truly versatile knife, ready to handle just about anything.

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Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Serrated Stainless Steel Knife

morakniv floating fixed-blade serrated stainless steel knife

The Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Serrated Knife is a 3.7-inch fixed-blade floating knife, with a serrated stainless steel blade, and blunt tip, ideal for boating, fishing, watersports, and marine applications. A cork overlayed polymer handle offers floatation and grip, while high-visibility orange color makes it easy to locate the knife if lost in a lake, river, or stream. The serrated rescue blade is designed for cutting rope, fibers, nylon, and other materials. Blade tip is rounded to prevent injury, and a finger guard on the handle provides additional safety. Blade thickness is 0.078 inches, blade length is 3.7 inches, total length is 9.25 inches, and net weight is 2.7 ounces. The Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Serrated Knife includes a hard plastic Combo-Sheath, which provides a quick-connect feature for attaching a second knife and sheath. Morakniv has been manufacturing the highest-quality knives in Mora, Sweden since 1891. Made in Sweden.

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Cold Steel Drop Forged Boot Knife

cold steel drop forged boot knife

The Drop Forged Boot Knife is a knife designed for concealed carry. With a keen double-edged 5” blade and needle sharp tip, it’s a substantial and shockingly effective last ditch self-defense tool, but thanks to its slim profile and one-piece construction it carries remarkably flat without “printing”. The Drop Forged Boot Knife is strong, sharp, and thanks to its handle-heavy design it has tremendous piercing power.

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Mission Mpt-A2 Mpt12A18Spalb Partial Serrated A2 Tool Steel Fixed Blade Knife 7″

mission mpt-a2 mpt12a18spalb partial serrated a2 tool steel fixed blade knife

Mission MPT-A2. 11.625" Overall. A2 tool steel partially serrated blade with black powder coat finish. Blade is. 187" thick. Black aluminum handles. Designed as combat and utility knife. Thin profile design can be used with tactical gloves. Custom low profile black Hytrel sheath. Sheath is designed to be worn on the leg or thigh. MS1701PS. Mpt12A18Spalb. 000000211826.

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Kershaw Blur Partially Serrated Folding Knife

kershaw blur partially serrated folding knife

Try out Kershaw’s premier value in re-curved blades built for multitasking with excellent slicing and piercing capabilities. While both fierce and elegant, the mild S-shaped pattern of the Blur blade serves not merely for looks alone. The slight curvature lengthens the edge of the blade and places it at a wider array of angles while performing any cutting motion. Optimize the angle of attack as the S-curve moves more of the blade weight toward the tip of the blade, simultaneously encouraging material to settle into the mid-blade concave curvature. If that were not enough, the featured serration allows it to cut cleanly without shredding and cut fibrous material like rope, webbing and cords. Enhance the power and efficiency of cutting freeing hang rope or game as the concave edge renders the bulk of the material, less likely to pull away from the extended and angular-optimized cutting motion. Whether for slicing, skinning, or defense, the Black Serrated Blur is the perfect fit.

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MoraKinv Garberg Black Carbon Knife

morakinv garberg black carbon

It’s finally here: A Carbon steel Garberg. The carbon steel enables you to start your fire with flint as well as with a fire starter. It also makes it possible to sharpen your knife in the field, for maximum convenience. Choose between sheath in exclusive black leather or our versatile Multi-Mount solution. Net weight 272 g Product length 248 mm Product width 58 mm Blade thickness 3.2 mm Knife length 229 mm Blade length 109 mm Blade material- Carbon Steel Handle material - Polyamide Sheath - Polymer or Leather Sheath color - Black Handle color - Black

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