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Suaoki Collapsible Tent Lantern USB and Solar Powered

Suaoki Collapsible Tent Lantern Usb And Solar Powered

Go Greener
Going camping yet concerning batteries for your tent lantern? No need to worry with our new solar lantern featuring both solar and micro USB charging. Bring it with you when traveling, when in emergency, you won't be stranded with no lights at night with emergency solar charging.

Adjust It to Your Needs
Clover-shaped design offers versatile stance so that you lantern can be hung or set to stand on its base. Three lampshades can be adjusted independently to set perfect lightning for each particular condition.

Charge Quick Charge Save
The micro USB port allows swift charge in only 3.5 hours to give your lantern all the power it needs. In case of outdoor emergency, three individual solar panels also delivers smooth charging. Smart protection chip ensures safety by preventing it from overcharging, over-discharging or over-circuit.

Product Details:
Built-in battery: 680mAh/3.7V Lithium battery
LED specification: 18Leds 3528 white light 6000-6500K
Solar charge input voltage (750W/©O): 5.5V
High level lighting time after fully charged: 2 hours
Low level lighting time after fully charged: 4 hours
Flash level lighting time after fully charged: 4 hours
High-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight (500W/ M2): 15 minutes
Low-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight (500W/ M2): 30 minutes
External diameter (Close): 62.7*149.8 mm (2.47*5.9inches)
External diameter (Open): 291*27.1mm (11.47*1.067inches)
Weight: 168g (0.37pounds)

Package Contents:
- 1 x Suaoki Solar Lantern
- 1 x Micro USB Cable
- 1 x User Manual

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WakaWaka Light Solar Charging Lamp, Yellow

Wakawaka Light Solar Charging Lamp, Yellow

A sturdy, highly efficient and sustainable solar-powered led lamp providing up to 80 hours of bright, safe and sustainable light after just one single day in the sun. chargeable By the sun via a built-in high-efficiency solar panel and patented intimation sun boost chip, or through a standard wall outlet, the WakaWaka light provides various light settings for reading, safety, and any reason you might want to brighten things up! made with the highest quality components, including 100% recycled pc-abs, high impact resistant materials, the WakaWaka lights fully charged after 5-10 hours in the sun and provides three light settings from 5 to 75 lumens and an SOS beacon. Most importantly, every WakaWaka product purchased helps bring light to the 1.2b Around the world who live without electricity. WakaWaka ('Shine bright' in Swahili) develops, manufactures and markets high-tech low-cost solar powered lamps and chargers that are indispensable products both in the developing world and in developed markets. Using the latest in patented solar technology, the WakaWaka light and WakaWaka power are true lifesavers for those without electricity. Innovative and super efficient products for those that desire the finest in technology and design, while 'enlightening' people at the base of the pyramid, ending the deadly kerosene-dependence of millions of families. It has been found that replacing kerosene lamps with off-grid solar powered products saves money, results in better school grades and increases income-generating capacity for families. Burn risks, unhealthy side effects and carbon-emissions are eliminated while the ability to charge mobile phones enables communication and entrepreneurship. Access to local, sustainable energy is a fundamental human right - it empowers, it powers connectivity and it saves lives.

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Goal Zero Portable Torch with Power Hub and Emergency Light with Solar and Hand Crank 90110

Goal Zero Portable Torch With Power Hub And Emergency Light With Solar And Hand Crank 90110

The Torch 250 Power Hub and Flashlight is the most versatile, reliable source of power and light for any situation. Boasting a powerful, 4,400mAh lithium battery, 250 total lumen output, a 1.5A USB port to charge your gear, as well as a built-in solar panel and hand crank, this multi-function flashlight is the only piece of gear you’ll need in an emergency.

Keep a light for any situation close at hand
Charge your portable devices in an emergency
Multiple Light Options for Every Situation

The Torch 250 is the only flashlight you’ll ever need. With the push of a button, light up a room with the Torch’s 70 lumen floodlight or 180 lumen spotlight--another push and save on power and extend runtimes up to 48 hours by utilizing the Torch’s high and low light options. In addition to bright LED light, the Torch also features red emergency lights, perfect for signaling distress.

Stay Connected During an Outage

Keeping in touch with friends and family during an emergency gives everyone peace of mind. With the Torch 250’s 1.5A USB port, you’ll be able to keep phones, tablets, and other USB devices charged up, even when the power is out.

Built-in Charging Cable, Solar Panel, and Hand Crank

Never worry about buying another battery--the Torch 250 boasts a powerful, internal lithium battery that’s rechargeable no matter where you are. Charge up from any USB port in about 7 hours, and the cable is built in so you’ll never lose it. If the power is already out, use the hand crank--1 minute of cranking can generate about 10 minutes of light. Even better? Leave the Torch 250 in the sun where its solar panel can trickle charge the internal battery so you’re never left in the dark.

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Secur Waterproof Hand Crank or Solar Powered 3 LED Flashlight

Secur Waterproof Hand Crank Or Solar Powered 3 Led Flashlight

This high power 3 LED flashlight is rechargeable and never needs batteries or bulbs, the battery can be charged with the built in hand crank or the built in solar panel, completely waterproof so you can use this flashlight to a depth of 45 feet.

Product Features:

* 8 Lumens 3 LED flashlight
* 3 types of LED use
* Rainproof and windproof up to 45 feet
* Powers with dynamo power
* Also powers with solar pane
* l80 mAh, 3.6V, NI-MH Battery
* 5 Years lifetime warranty

Product specifications:

After 1 minute hand cranking
* 60 minutes with all 3 LED's
* 80 Minutes with 1 LED
* 110 Minutes of flashing
* 4 hours lighting after a full charge
* 120 Minutes light after 1 Hour direct sunlight

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LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light, Semi-Transparent

Luminaid Solar Inflatable Light, Semi-transparent

About the LuminAID Light: The LuminAID light is a solar-powered, inflatable lamp that packs flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern.The LuminAID light provides up to 16 hours of LED light and recharges in approximately 7 hours of direct sunlight. The LuminAID light is ideal for emergency use, camping, or in the home as an extra light source. Tuck it away in a first-aid kit or hook it on your backpack to take with you on your next adventure.The product is completely PVC-free and made out of a lightweight, semi-transparent material to diffuse the LED light and create a lantern effect. About the Company: The LuminAID light was designed by two design students, Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork, shortly after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. When thinking about what they could design to make a difference, Andrea and Anna decided to focus on lighting because it had the potential to greatly improve the comfort, safety and survival of disaster victims. Inspired to design a simple, solar-powered lighting product that could be easily distributed in times of emergency, they developed the LuminAID light and founded LuminAID Lab to bring the technology to market. The product has been featured on the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, and in many print publications. The solar-led-inflatable technology is Patent Pending worldwide. About LuminAID's Give Light, Get Light Program: LuminAID Lab partners with organizations all over the world to distribute lights to individuals without access to electricity through their Give Light Program. The company has also worked to put lights on the ground after emergency situations both in the US and abroad. With the support of customers and partner organizations, LuminAID Lab has distributed thousands of lights all around the world to individuals in need of a better source of light. Our mission: make light more sustainable, affordable, and available for everyone. Thank you for your support of the LuminAID light!

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