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SABRE RED Pepper GEL, Police Strength

sabre red pepper gel, police strength

Boasting the same police-strength protection you’ve come to expect from SABRE, our pepper gel also offers additional benefits. To maximize your comfort and safety, the flip top design and ergonomic finger grip provides quicker, safer and more accurate deployment of the pepper gel. Pepper gel virtually eliminates wind blowback with no in-air atomization, meaning it only affects the intended target/person it directly contacts. Gel also up to 20% greater range than traditional pepper spray- this model sprays up to 20 feet (6M) It’s also safe to use indoors, as it won’t spread through HVAC systems and is designed not to affect others in the immediate area.

This Pepper Gel can also deploy the spray from any angle or orientation, maximizing target acquisition. The flip top safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge. The attached belt clip allows you to be able to carry your pepper spray with you wherever you go and allow it to be available at a moment’s notice.

Providing the world’s most reliable protection, our maximum strength pepper gel is backed by our exclusive in-house high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) laboratory, which eliminates the 30% heat failure rate experienced with other pepper spray brands (Source: University of Utah). This technology is the only way to ensure there are no pepper spray failures on the basis of heat inconsistency. Our HPLC technology is the industry’s #1 advantage - and it’s exclusive to SABRE. Your pepper gel will contain maximum stopping power when you need it most.

Family owned and operated for more than four decades, SABRE is the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide. ISO 9001:2008 certified, our pepper spray is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Protect yourself today!

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SAS Tactical Survival Bow

sas tactical survival bow

Visit our online store for more great products and options. The SAS (Survival Archery Systems) Tactical Survival Bow. Available in various draw weights, weighing in at only 2.2lbs (1kg) and measuring just 21" (537mm) when in storage mode this patent pending bow is the world's most compact, most powerful tactical survival bow. The bow employs a novel compact folding system design which allows for a quick conversion from folded storage mode to a weapons-ready state. With arrow speeds topping 210fps for our 55# bows this is the perfect silent weapon for both tactical and hunting applications where firearms and more bulky bows cannot be used. Fitting into most backpacks this system not only protects the take-down arrows inside the riser, but is also the perfect weapon for a bug-out bag or grab bag. Patent pending and manufactured using the finest US and Aerospace grade materials this product sets the benchmark in long term tactical and survival usage. Converting from left to right hand by simply swapping the bow between hands and the fact that no special tools are required for operation and maintenance, makes this bow easy to use when shared between multiple archers or unit members. What you get: SAS Tactical Survival Bow in your choice of draw weight Camo Carry Case, Backpack and Quiver (pattern and colour may vary from photo) 16 Strand B50 Dacron 60" String 1 x Fred Bear All Weather arrow rest to initial chosen handedness (spares and RH/LH options sold separately) 1 x brass nock set with black inner 2 x riser end caps 1 x Velcro security strap 1 x owners manual A 12 month original owner's warranty as per our warranty conditions (Bow only). NOTE: Due to safety for future customers we DO NOT ALLOW RETURNS!!! Please make yourself fully aware of the product before you purchase on our official Survival Archery Systems website.

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Counter Assault CA-18H/SB Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray with Holster, 10.2-Ounce

counter assault 10.2 oz bear deterrent

Exceeds all bear biologist and wildlife specialist recommendations. Proven effective by National Park and Forest Service and University of Montana. Added features are non-freezing formula, glow-in-the-dark safety wedge and special tie attachment to prevent loss of safety wedge. 10.2 ounce Counter Assault Bear Deterrent. Spray distance - 32 feet. Spray duration - 9.2 seconds. Model: CA-18H/SB.

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Bright Path LED CampGuard Perimeter Security Camping Lantern

Bright Path Led Campguard Perimeter Security Camping Lantern

You choose your level of protection with 4 different settings. 1-LED Lantern LOW (100 Lumens) 2-LED Lantern HIGH (300 Lumens) 3-Any 360* motion activates the lantern (300 lumens) After 15 seconds without any movement, the light turns off and CampGuard goes back into detection mode. 4-Any 360* motion actives the loud ALARM and LIGHT. After 15 seconds without any movement the alarm and light turn off and CampGuard goes back into detection mode. The all new CampGuard alarm and motion camping lantern makes camping easier and safer.

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