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That’s it. Apple + Strawberry 100% Natural Real Fruit Bar, Best High Fiber Vegan, Gluten Free Healthy Snack, Paleo for Children & Adults, Non GMO Sugar-Free, No Preservatives Energy Food (12 Pack)

that-s it. apple - strawberry 100% natural real fruit bar

Looking for an Easy Snack on the Go For Your Children?

Tired of tossing harmful preservatives into your child’s lunch? This is the perfect healthy vegan alternative! Kids LOVE these quick and easy grab-and-go style snacks. It’s healthy, sweet and chewy, and perfect for the student who loves the taste of fruit but doesn’t have the patience to peel!

Ideal Camping Food or Emergency Preparedness Snacks That Last!

Ready to hit the hiking trails with sustained energy? That’s IT offers 100% pure fruit bar perfect for delicious camping food snacks. And these delicious trail food bars have a shelf life up to 2 years, which makes it the perfect addition to your emergency kit!

100% FRUIT Packed In a Bar!

Start your day our right with 2 whole pieces of fruit for breakfast! That’s IT brings pure organic yummy fruit to your daily diet. No added sugar or preservatives make this a healthy and delicious treat. Two pieces of fruit layered together and 22 grams of all natural and healthy carbs… That’s It! Don’t wait! Enjoy That’s it.

Fruit Bars Now! Try a variety pack with Mango Banana Pear Strawberry and MORE…That’s It. That Good!

What's in the Box?

12 bars in Strawberry flavor.

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Peak Refuel Freeze Dried Backpacking and Camping Food

Peak Refuel Freeze Dried Backpacking and Camping Food

Welcome to Peak Refuel. No matter the adventure, whether it be hiking, camping, biking or hunting, you want to be at your best - remember what you eat matters! Our premium meals are formulated to deliver the Amazing taste you would expect on any adventure. We've done all the work for you in creating the highest quality and most convenient freeze-dried foods on the market. So go and enjoy whatever adventure you're on, we'll see you at the top!

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Selkirk Design Ultralight Food Bag Hanging System

selkirk design ultralight food bag hanging system

More Questions You May Have:

Q: How much can the Selkirk Design Ultralight Food Hanging System lift?
A: The Ultralight Food Hanging System can lift up to 100lbs.

Q: The carabiners say "up to 150lbs", why can it only lift 100lbs?
A: The Ultralight Food Hanging System creates a "2 to 1 mechanical advantage", so you lose some of the lifting ability but you are able to raise your amount with half of pulling force.

Q: What is a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage?
A: A 2 to 1 mechanical advantage means it takes half the pulling force to raise a given object.

Example: If you have 30lbs of food & gear you need to raise, it will only take 15lbs of pulling force to raise it.

Q: Can the Dry Sack be used for water activities like kayaking and canoeing?
A: It can be, but the Dry Sack is designed for Backpacking and other backcountry activities and is not intended to be submerged in water if possible.

Q: How strong are the ropes
A: The rope is rated at 275lb breaking strength.

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BearVault BV500 Bear Resistant Food Canister

bearvault bear resistant food canisters


Tried and tested by over a quarter million outdoor enthusiasts, BearVault has been the industry leader for some 15 years. Nothing else compares. Foiling grizzly bears and black bears at test facilities, and wild bears throughout campsites in North America, BearVault canisters have been put to the test by more bears than any other canister on the market.


BearVault is hands down the easiest bear canister to use, open and close, see and access your food, carry, and protect your food. It is lightweight yet super rugged, and keeps your food protected from raids by bears, rodents, and other wildlife.


Whether you are trekking over peaks and passes, exploring wild forests, gliding through the waters of the backwoods, or enjoying nature on an overnight adventure – put your worries aside by properly storing your food and scented items. Sit back (using your BearVault as a stool), relax, and enjoy nature.


They say “a fed bear is a dead bear”, and it is true: every year over a thousand bears are put down when they become habituated to food and trash left around by people. Thank you for securely protecting your own food, and doing your part to keep bears wild.


We stand by our product, and we’re here to help. New BearVault products that are sold by authorized dealers come with a limited lifetime warranty. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out.


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Zebra brand, Stainless steel food carrier 14cm x 2 tier premium quality

zebra brand, stainless steel food carrier 14cm x 2 tier premium quality

Tough, stackable, and packable, the Food Carrier by Zebra provides a great alternative to plastic for food storage and transport--at home and on the road or trail. Made of stainless steel, each separate container in the two-tiered tower provides a sturdy and safe environment for your food that is free of BPA and other chemicals. The stainless steel containers are easy to clean, do not retain odors from previous contents, and will not crack or puncture in your bag. Held together securely with an easy-to-carry, low-profile, locking handle, the stacking containers provide well-sealed organization and protection. When you are ready to eat, simply remove the handle and un-stack the containers. Each individual container can also be used for serving and/or as a camp bowl. Perfect for camping, school or work lunches, picnics, and more, the Zebra Food Carrier is ready to carry or store whatever is on the day's menu. The stacking containers detach easily from the locking lid. Please Note: These containers are not intended to contain or carry liquids.

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Zebra Stainless Steel Food Carrier, Select 10,12 or 14cm

zebra stainless steel food carrier

The Food Carrier by Zebra is the ultimate way to store your food while camping or travelling. They are tough, stackable and packable. Made of stainless steel, the 10cm (4in) food carrier is actually three seperate containers that are held together by a secure locking handle. It is the perfect solution for hauling granola, fruits, nuts, candy or any food that is spillable or crushable. The easy-to-carry low profile handle keeps the contents well sealed during transport and when ready for use, simply remove the handle and unstack the containers. Not for use with liquids

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Zebra 152314 Stainless Steel Food Box and Pan with Snap on Lid, 14cm, Silver

zebra 152314 stainless steel food box and pan with snap on lid, 14cm, silver

The Billy Can is the typical campfire cooking pot for many centuries, it has been be sung in the classic Australian folk song "Waltzing Matilda" ("... while he waited for his Billy boil ...") a hundred years ago. Zebra advanced this design to the form of a three - part Pan with 14cm in diameter and 8cm in height , which is perfectly suitable for cooking on a campfire. The fascination of this cooker comes from its simplicity and robustness, but also the thoughtful, unfussy style. The pan, the insert and the lid are made of stainless steel and have a perfect fit. The lid has a folding handle which is riveted. The lid closes snug with the contained insert, which can serve as a pan, plate or bowl and without. The handle, which allows you to put the pot on the fire in total controls, also serves as closing hinge for the set. The robust dishes can be used without problems on fire, grill and stove, but we recommend, when using a wood fire, never to work without food to be coke.

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5-Gallon BPA-Free Emergency Water Storage Container w/Aquamira Filtration Kit

5-gallon bpa free emergency water storage container with aquamira filtration kit

In an emergency, being able to access and transport drinking water is essential for survival. Whether it’s from a natural water source or from larger, stationary storage containers, one must have the ability to filter from the source and transport the clean water for a variety of critical needs. This 5 gallon Emergency Water Kit can fulfill both filtration and transport demands and give you the peace of mind needed in any emergency situation. This 5 gallon Water container is perfect for those who wish to store water, but don't have much space or to use for transporting water from a larger source. It comes with a built-in handle for easy transport and a pour spout with included lid. Made from BPA-free, HDPE plastic, this container will be a great addition for anyone who lives in an apartment, condo or just needs a good accessible water storage option.

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