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Titan SurvivorSteel Ferrocerium Fire-Starter v2.0

The mark 8" Pro Chef's Knife is your favorite assistants in the Kitchen Knife is preferred due to its high-quality German stainless steel, razor sharp edge, comfortable handle, outstanding strength and well balance. Ideal for all of your basic kitchen cutting bevel Thickness: 2.3mmRockwell Hardness Scale (HRC): 56±2Handle Material: Knife Length: 13 inches Blade Length: 8 Kitchen care for you*Hand Washing: We recommend hand washing. The dishwashers are not recommended as it can jostle the silverware and cause the knives to collide, dulling the edge.*Washing Method: For the longer life of your knives ,hand wash your knives with a soapy cloth and dry immediately when finishing cutting needs.*Do not chop the hard thing like glass or stone with the knife as the best of edges will quickly dull if it strikes the hard thing like metal, glass, stone.*Storage Method: You can choose knife protectors, knife block, drawer insets to store these knives as it can not only protect the knife’s edge, but also safe for the user.*Due to its single-edged blade, for best results, we recommend it for In The Box:1 x 8" Chef’s Knife1 x Gift Box Click the above yellow "Add to Cart" button NOW and receive the perfect cooking tool for your kitchen!

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Zebra Loop Handle Pot, Choose 10cm,12cm,14cm,16cm

zebra loop handle pot, choose 10cm,12cm,14cm,16cm

The 14cm (5.5in) Billy Pot by Zebra is an all in one portable cookware set perfect for all your outdoor activities. What makes the Billy Pot unique is it's internal dish that allows you to steam or cook inside the main pot itself. You can also use the dish to eat out of after cooking. Zebras Billy Pot is made out of durable 18-10 stainless steel that will resist corroding, provide years of use and still look great. The positive locking handle keeps everything in place during transport.

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Flexcut 5 inch Draw Knife

flexcut 5 inch draw knife

This 5" Draw Knife from Flexcut is specially designed to flex around contours. The tool can actually bend to accommodate concave or convex surfaces, saving the craftsman time that would otherwise be spent arduously scraping and sanding material away. With its ergonomic ash handles and razor-sharp, high carbon steel blade, the 5" Draw Knife from Flexcut is a sturdy and innovative version of a classic tool. Comes complete with leather sheath to protect the cutting edge from damage between uses.

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Kershaw Blur Partially Serrated Folding Knife

kershaw blur partially serrated folding knife

Try out Kershaw’s premier value in re-curved blades built for multitasking with excellent slicing and piercing capabilities. While both fierce and elegant, the mild S-shaped pattern of the Blur blade serves not merely for looks alone. The slight curvature lengthens the edge of the blade and places it at a wider array of angles while performing any cutting motion. Optimize the angle of attack as the S-curve moves more of the blade weight toward the tip of the blade, simultaneously encouraging material to settle into the mid-blade concave curvature. If that were not enough, the featured serration allows it to cut cleanly without shredding and cut fibrous material like rope, webbing and cords. Enhance the power and efficiency of cutting freeing hang rope or game as the concave edge renders the bulk of the material, less likely to pull away from the extended and angular-optimized cutting motion. Whether for slicing, skinning, or defense, the Black Serrated Blur is the perfect fit.

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Council Tool 2# Wood-Craft Pack Axe, 24-Inch, Hickory Handle

council tool wood-craft pack axe, 24in

The Council Tool Wood-Craft 2 lb. Pack Axe with 24" curved handle is designed as a multi-functional premium axe that can literally do anything asked of it. Cut, chop, split, carve, shave, hew, hammer and build – this axe can do it all and more. It is made from 5160 American Steel and heat treated on both ends for superior strength – so chop, hammer and survive away! Includes a leather mask to protect your pack axe from the elements, and you from the razor edge.

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ESEE 4P Survival Fixed Blade Knife, OEM Sawtooth Handle, Coyote Brwn or Blk Sheath

Esee 4p Survival Fixed Blade Knife, Oem Sawtooth Handle Design, Coyote Brown Sheath

ESEE 4P Survival Fixed Blade Knife, OEM Sawtooth Handle Design. The ESEE-4 is the perfect fixed blade outdoor knife. The ESEE Model 4 was designed by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin as an all-around tactical, survival and bushcraft knife. This is a survival knife in the truest sense of the word. It is capable of many outdoor tasks including field dressing and preparation of medium to large-sized game. It's drop point blade edge is sharpened to approximately 20 degrees with an overall length of 9.0". It has been put to the test many times by military, law enforcement and adventurers all over the world, whether in Randall’s Adventure & Training survival school, carried by SOF in combat, or strapped to a hikers backpack. If you need a hard use knife, you want an ESEE-4.

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