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Gear Aid ARC Rechargeable Light & Portable Power Station w/built-in 10,400 mAh Li-ion Battery

gear aid arc rechargeable light and portable power station 10,400mah

From the backyard to the lake, this cordless light can go everywhere. The arc light & power station is built with 60 LEDs, USB charging, and a 10, 400 mah battery giving you light and power for up to 4 days. It will weather any Storm, transform into a lantern, and is small enough to fit in your hand. Change the color temperature from cool to neutral, or warm. Best of all, you don't have to strap it to your head for hands-free lighting. Hang it, angle it or mount it for 180 degree of lighting for any task or adventure.

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Gear Aid 90100 FLUX 20,800 mAh Rechargeable Light and Portable Power Station with 82 LEDs

gear aid 90100 flux 20,800 mah rechargeable light and portable power station with 82 leds

Combining a bright LED light, portable power charger, and outdoor hanging lantern, the FLUX Rechargeable Light and Portable Power Station provides several days of light and power with its 20,800 mAh and high-speed USB charging port. Hang it, angle it, or mount it for 180 degrees of hands-free lighting.

The 82 LEDs produce an ultra-bright 640 lumens of light power, and they can be dimmed down to 20. Change the color temperature from cool (6500k, best for seeing details and reading) to neutral (4200k, best for working around the campsite) or warm (3000k, great for social settings like backyard parties). The FLUX also includes 10 brightness settings and an SOS feature for emergencies.

The built-in Li-ion battery provides provides 13 to 192 hours of light (depending on brightness setting) and 67 Wh (watt hours) of power output. The 1.5-amp high-speed USB port enables you to charge a wide variety of devices -- from mobile phones and tablets to digital cameras and Bluetooth speakers. The FLUX charges most iPhone models up to 10 times, Android phones up to six times, and tablets up to two times. A battery indicator displays available power, and the FLUX can be recharged via micro-USB port in 12 hours when connected to a 2.0-amp charger.

Weighing 24 ounces, the FLUX has an adjustable metal kickstand and an IPX5-rated spray proof casing. It has a 1/4"-20 threaded point for mounting to tripods, as well as using Gear Aid, RAM, and GoPro mounts (GoPro adapter sold separately) for mounting on vehicles, racks, canopies, awnings, tables, and windows. The included storage bag can be used as a light diffuser and hung for transforming the FLUX into a soft-glowing outdoor lantern. It’s backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Gear Aid makes hard-working products that go the distance -- glue that outlasts your boots, patches that never peel away, water repellents that work, and portable electronics that give light and power for days.

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DESERT WALKER Ultra Lightweight Cot

DESERT WALKER Ultra Lightweight Cot

Product features:
Super light cots, the use of aviation aluminum alloy stent Can heavy 200 kilograms, convenient and quick assembly, without other tools; Bed surface materials, super breathe freely; Tough structure, waterproof up to ten thousand above, tearing resistance, anti-aging, sturdy and durable.

Product Introduction:
Bed Fasteners: Nylon
Bed bracket : 7001 Special aviation aluminum
Bed face: Composite waterproof fabric
Colour: Army Green / Grey / blue
Packing Weight: 1.3kg

Installation Instructions:
- Place the cloth mattress on the ground.
- Unfold the two cross bars into pipes, and insert them into the duct holes of the cloth.
- Unfold the support rods, and fix the two sides at the duct holes of the cross bars
- Repeat the process for the rest of support rods.
- Install the support rod from the middle part first, which will make it easier to assemble the rest.

Please set up according to our guide way, the right way to build allows you to save more time and effort.
After installation, please don't use it with a sudden impact force, please normal smooth sit or lie down, please keep in a state of balance.
If found that the elastic pop up when in use You also don't panic, the design of the bracket is removable, we put in each bed has a set of accessories, you can remove the installation by oneself, can experience the pleasure of using more. Even if you don't want to reinstall This support can be normal use Also won't because the elastic when use by any effect.
You can fit in the outdoor tent to use But we suggest that you put the bed in a tent at the bottom of the use, this bracket foot will not cause your tent at the bottom of the wear and tear.
When outdoor uneven ground Please bump content through the stone, the bracket can use normal landing.

Customer Service:
If there have any problems about the products,please contact us.

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Survivor Filter 0.05 Micron Portable Water Filter Straw

survivor filter - 0.05 micron portable water filter straw

The World Renowned Survivor Filter is the only Virus Tested, Reusable Portable Water Filter Straw on the Market Today! Reliable and High Capacity - Independently Tested at Intertek Labs in Columbus Ohio to show 99.9% Removal of Virus, Staph and Bacteria. - The only filter shown to improve taste and significantly reduce Heavy Metals thanks to the replaceable Carbon Filter. - 400% Better Filtration at 0.05 Microns than the Leading Competitor - The ONLY Personal Water Filter that has an Ultra Filter, Carbon Filter and Cotton Pre-Filter! - Backed by our Survivor Filter Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. Thanks to the Reusable and Replaceable filters that can be cleaned as necessary, there is no need to throw out your Survivor Filter. Durable and Versatile - Super-fast Flow rate of 7 ounces (200 ml) per minute. - Easy Flip-On, Flip-Off Cap Keeps Mouthpiece Clean. - Weighs only 3.5 ounces and easily fits in your glove box, tackle box, knapsack or BUG-OUT bag. - Fits in your hand - see picture above for perspective. Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging allows you to open and store your product with ease. Ultimate Multi-Purpose Personal Water Filter Ideal For: - Camping, Hiking, Trekking and Fishing - Vacation, Travel and Backpacking - Emergency Preparedness, Survivalists and Preppers - Kids and Adventurers 100% Money Back Guarantee Guarantee and Unbeatable Warranty* If you don't love your Survivor Filter, simply return it and we will refund 100% of your purchase! Don't Take Chances With Your Family's Safety. Click the "Add to Cart" Button to Get One Delivered to Your Door Now !

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