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NoCry Cut Resistant Protective Work Gloves w/Rubber Grip Dots. Tough & Durable Stainless Steel Material, EN388 Certified

nocry cut resistant protective work gloves with rubber grip dots. tough and durable stainless steel material, en388 certified

A new type of knitted work glove. Cuts and bruises from rough or sharp edges are the most common type of hand injuries in working environments. Regular knitted work gloves offer little to no protection against these types of injuries. NoCry cut resistant work gloves are made to be better. A unique blend of hi-tech materials offers superior protection against cut related accidents and makes the gloves over 5 times more durable than regular knitted work gloves.

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Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Serrated Stainless Steel Knife

morakniv floating fixed-blade serrated stainless steel knife

The Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Serrated Knife is a 3.7-inch fixed-blade floating knife, with a serrated stainless steel blade, and blunt tip, ideal for boating, fishing, watersports, and marine applications. A cork overlayed polymer handle offers floatation and grip, while high-visibility orange color makes it easy to locate the knife if lost in a lake, river, or stream. The serrated rescue blade is designed for cutting rope, fibers, nylon, and other materials. Blade tip is rounded to prevent injury, and a finger guard on the handle provides additional safety. Blade thickness is 0.078 inches, blade length is 3.7 inches, total length is 9.25 inches, and net weight is 2.7 ounces. The Morakniv Floating Fixed-Blade Serrated Knife includes a hard plastic Combo-Sheath, which provides a quick-connect feature for attaching a second knife and sheath. Morakniv has been manufacturing the highest-quality knives in Mora, Sweden since 1891. Made in Sweden.

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Zebra Loop Handle Pot, Choose 10cm,12cm,14cm,16cm

zebra loop handle pot, choose 10cm,12cm,14cm,16cm

The 14cm (5.5in) Billy Pot by Zebra is an all in one portable cookware set perfect for all your outdoor activities. What makes the Billy Pot unique is it's internal dish that allows you to steam or cook inside the main pot itself. You can also use the dish to eat out of after cooking. Zebras Billy Pot is made out of durable 18-10 stainless steel that will resist corroding, provide years of use and still look great. The positive locking handle keeps everything in place during transport.

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TickCheck Premium Tick Remover Kit, Stainless Steel Tick Remover, Tweezers, Leather Case, Pocket Tick Identification Card

TickCheck Premium Tick Remover Kit, Stainless Steel Tick Remover, Tweezers, Leather Case, Pocket Tick Identification Card


The TickCheck Tick Remover Toolkit is a must-have for hikers, runners, pet owners, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who lives in a high-risk area for tick bites and Lyme disease.
Designed for easy and complete tick removal for humans, dogs, cats, pets, or other animals.


This kit includes two high-quality stainless steel tick removers designed to allow you to easily remove partially or fully embedded ticks of any size.

✔️ The tick removal fork can be used to gently and entirely remove larger embedded ticks by sliding the fork underneath the tick's mouthparts and lifting.
✔️ The ultra-fine-tip tweezers can be used to precisely remove tiny embedded deer ticks or tick nymphs.

This kit includes two tick removers, a handy leatherette carrying pouch, and a FREE pocket tick identification card with instructions for proper tick removal as well as a tick identification guide.


A portion of the proceeds of this tick remover kit helps fund university research on ticks and Lyme disease.


Your tick remover kit includes a free handy tick ID card with diagrams for identifying the most common tick species in North America.
The TickCheck university laboratory can also provide tick testing, and offers FREE tick identification services (details are included with your tick removal kit).


Your satisfaction is our priority! We stand behind our products - if you are not happy with your tick remover kit, contact us and we will provide you with a 100% refund or replacement, no questions asked.

Add a TickCheck Tick Remover to your first-aid kit today!

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Zebra brand, Stainless steel food carrier 14cm x 2 tier premium quality

zebra brand, stainless steel food carrier 14cm x 2 tier premium quality

Tough, stackable, and packable, the Food Carrier by Zebra provides a great alternative to plastic for food storage and transport--at home and on the road or trail. Made of stainless steel, each separate container in the two-tiered tower provides a sturdy and safe environment for your food that is free of BPA and other chemicals. The stainless steel containers are easy to clean, do not retain odors from previous contents, and will not crack or puncture in your bag. Held together securely with an easy-to-carry, low-profile, locking handle, the stacking containers provide well-sealed organization and protection. When you are ready to eat, simply remove the handle and un-stack the containers. Each individual container can also be used for serving and/or as a camp bowl. Perfect for camping, school or work lunches, picnics, and more, the Zebra Food Carrier is ready to carry or store whatever is on the day's menu. The stacking containers detach easily from the locking lid. Please Note: These containers are not intended to contain or carry liquids.

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Zebra Stainless Steel Food Carrier, Select 10,12 or 14cm

zebra stainless steel food carrier

The Food Carrier by Zebra is the ultimate way to store your food while camping or travelling. They are tough, stackable and packable. Made of stainless steel, the 10cm (4in) food carrier is actually three seperate containers that are held together by a secure locking handle. It is the perfect solution for hauling granola, fruits, nuts, candy or any food that is spillable or crushable. The easy-to-carry low profile handle keeps the contents well sealed during transport and when ready for use, simply remove the handle and unstack the containers. Not for use with liquids

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Zebra 152314 Stainless Steel Food Box and Pan with Snap on Lid, 14cm, Silver

zebra 152314 stainless steel food box and pan with snap on lid, 14cm, silver

The Billy Can is the typical campfire cooking pot for many centuries, it has been be sung in the classic Australian folk song "Waltzing Matilda" ("... while he waited for his Billy boil ...") a hundred years ago. Zebra advanced this design to the form of a three - part Pan with 14cm in diameter and 8cm in height , which is perfectly suitable for cooking on a campfire. The fascination of this cooker comes from its simplicity and robustness, but also the thoughtful, unfussy style. The pan, the insert and the lid are made of stainless steel and have a perfect fit. The lid has a folding handle which is riveted. The lid closes snug with the contained insert, which can serve as a pan, plate or bowl and without. The handle, which allows you to put the pot on the fire in total controls, also serves as closing hinge for the set. The robust dishes can be used without problems on fire, grill and stove, but we recommend, when using a wood fire, never to work without food to be coke.

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GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot, 24 fl oz

gsi outdoors glacier stainless bottle cup-pot, 24 fl oz

Is it a cup? Is it a pot? Either way you use it, this rugged little cup is perfectly sized for solo camping and backpacking. Cook ramen and eat from the pot, then make cocoa afterwards — it’s the one vessel you’ll need for any ultra-lightweight adventure. The shape is designed to fit around a standard 1-liter water bottle (or store a small fuel canister for your stove), so it won’t take up too much room in your pack. Solid Glacier stainless steel construction will hold up to years of use. Wire handles fold flat to save space, then extend for cooking or a little bit of extra reach so you don't end up in the creek.

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The Ringer – The Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner, Patented XL 8×6 inch Design

the ringer original stainless steel cast iron cleaner

PATENTED XL 8X6 DESIGN FOR DURABILITY. We don’t use just any chainmail. The Ringer uses premium grade never rusting stainless steel that is machine soldered, and built for strength. The machines that manufacture our patented product were originally intended to protect police officers from stab wounds. When life is on the line, you can’t risk chinks in your armor. We bring that same strength to your kitchen sink and believe in quality that won’t let you down

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