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Pyro Putty Multi-Season Set, Pliable Fire Starter

pyro putty multi-season set, pliable fire starter

Pyro Putty is the fire starter the industry has long needed! The fire starter of the future! Guaranteed to light when you need it most! Whatever mother nature throws yours way - Rain, Snow, Sleet, Wind or Shine. Pyro Putty will have its game face on! - Easy to carry and store coming in a twist top can, lightweight weighing a mere 0.6oz Per Can, this 5 Pack is a must for every backpack, ATV, Truck, Car, SUV, Boat, Snowmobile! - Our proprietary patent pending putty is pliable and sticky! Imagine play dough on steroids! Simple stick this putty where you need a fire and ignite! Apply it to the end of a stick and create a torch, stick to a wet log, Ignite, turn upside down to dry itself out and then begin to burn! Whatever and wherever you need to stick this, it will burn! INFERNO IN A CAN! - Now lets talk about EASY IGNITION! Simply pull the putty apart to expose the fibers and light away! You can use a flame, spark from a ferro rod, Electronic Arc, Magnifying glass and so on! This stuff loves to burn! - You will find 5 - 0.5 ounces of putty in each can resulting in many fires! Weather/Temperature permitting a quarter ball of putty will burn up to 15 minutes! - Proudly main in small town USA! BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST WITH PYRO PUTTY! Always check with local fire laws before using/lighting fires.

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SAS Tactical Survival Bow

sas tactical survival bow

Visit our online store for more great products and options. The SAS (Survival Archery Systems) Tactical Survival Bow. Available in various draw weights, weighing in at only 2.2lbs (1kg) and measuring just 21" (537mm) when in storage mode this patent pending bow is the world's most compact, most powerful tactical survival bow. The bow employs a novel compact folding system design which allows for a quick conversion from folded storage mode to a weapons-ready state. With arrow speeds topping 210fps for our 55# bows this is the perfect silent weapon for both tactical and hunting applications where firearms and more bulky bows cannot be used. Fitting into most backpacks this system not only protects the take-down arrows inside the riser, but is also the perfect weapon for a bug-out bag or grab bag. Patent pending and manufactured using the finest US and Aerospace grade materials this product sets the benchmark in long term tactical and survival usage. Converting from left to right hand by simply swapping the bow between hands and the fact that no special tools are required for operation and maintenance, makes this bow easy to use when shared between multiple archers or unit members. What you get: SAS Tactical Survival Bow in your choice of draw weight Camo Carry Case, Backpack and Quiver (pattern and colour may vary from photo) 16 Strand B50 Dacron 60" String 1 x Fred Bear All Weather arrow rest to initial chosen handedness (spares and RH/LH options sold separately) 1 x brass nock set with black inner 2 x riser end caps 1 x Velcro security strap 1 x owners manual A 12 month original owner's warranty as per our warranty conditions (Bow only). NOTE: Due to safety for future customers we DO NOT ALLOW RETURNS!!! Please make yourself fully aware of the product before you purchase on our official Survival Archery Systems website.

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WildVenture Tent Tarp Rain Fly 9.8′ x 9.3′ Tarp

WildVenture Tent Tarp Rain Fly 9.8' x 9.3' Tarp

Be prepared for any adventure!
Make sure you stay safe, dry and protected by adding
a Rain Fly Tent Tarp to your gear kit.

Whether you’re backpacking through the jungle, working
in your backyard, partying at an outdoor festival, chilling
in your hammock in the woods, hiking in the mountains,
or just out for a relaxing afternoon in your local park,
WildVenture’s premium Rain Fly Tent Tarp is your
protection against (almost) all of nature’s elements.

Lightweight, waterproof, and incredibly versatile
Gives you reliable shelter in an instant. Superior materials
meet durable construction.

If you want a rain fly tent tarp that blows all of the others
out of the water, you’re in the right place. Take your camp
set-up to the next level with our durable ripstop nylon and
expert stitching and construction.

We're Proud  
Our Rain Fly will last and withstand it all,
so you’ll never have to worry about your gear failing, your
tarp tearing, or getting rained out ever again!

Discover why WildVenture is outdoor enthusiasts preferred
choice when it comes to camping, outdoor, adventure, and
survival gear. Wherever your journey leads you!

Finally, a camping tarp tent that won’t weigh you down!
This is super compact and lightweight, just 3lbs to be exact,
so it’s easy to toss in your pack without breaking your back.

Super Easy Setup 
If you’re looking for some shade from the sun, a break from
the wind, or shelter from the rain and snow, we got you covered!
Never get caught in the rain again! Protect yourself from the
unexpected, and add one to your cart TODAY!

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Chill Gorilla 7in or 11.8in Heavy Duty Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Tent Stakes 10-pack

chill gorilla 7in or 11.8in heavy duty lightweight aluminum alloy tent stakes 10-pack

🔵 Chill Gorilla, a US-Based company. 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Chill Gorilla Tent Stakes!
Crazy strong and lightweight we have you covered for all of your outdoor activities including camping, hiking, backpacking, trekking, cycling, fishing,

• OUR TENT STAKES are lightweight and designed to take a pounding without breaking
• BEND AND CORROSION RESISTANT - 7001 Aluminum Alloy is the same material as top quality competition arrows.
• HIGH VISIBILITY. Bright red with reflective paracord. Incredibly easy to see at night and around the campsite.
• 3 ANCHOR POINTS per stake. Let's you easily clip in place
• 7 INCH NO SLIP DESIGN will hold firmly in a wide range of soil conditions
• VERSATILE! We provide essential camping, hiking and backpacking gear, equipment,supplies, and accessories.
• BACKPACKERS DREAM. Campers love our tent pegs.

LENGTH: 7" | WIDTH: .5"
MATERIAL: 7001 Aluminum Alloy
WEIGHT: 14 grams per stake
CONTENTS: 10 Chill Gorilla stakes per pack

• Look at our products and reviews and you'll see we make the best gear for unbelievable prices
•100% Customer Satisfaction Approval Rating on Amazon! Our customer service is 2nd to none.

✅ HASSLE FREE BUYING. We stand behind every product in our amazon.com/shops/venjoin store. If you have any issues, contact us to receive personal care and attention.

🔴 WARNING: As a fast growing Start Up Company it can be hard for us to keep our inventory in stock as we develop good capital flow. If you see it available, buy now!

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Izula Gear UTM Map Scale/Protractor Navigation Card Set, w/ESEE Survival Cards

izula gear utm map scale-protractor navigation card set

This is a combined set of ESEE Knives/Randall's Adventure Training Navigation and Survival Cards. These are waterproof, wallet-sized cards printed with survival tips, instructions, and navigation essentials. Survival Cards: ESEE Izula Gear Survival Card Set. Printed on 30 mil plastic credit card stock. Four white cards with survival tips, signaling tips, Morse code, trap and snare diagrams, fire building tips, navigation tips, Escape and Evasion tips and much more. Navigation Cards: This plastic card set is a must-have for anyone using GPS, map, and compass. The set features 3 clear cards with 1:24,000, 1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:100,000, and 1:250,000 map scales. The set also includes two white cards with survival tips, signaling tips, instructions on how to read a topo map, how to adjust for declination, how to determine distance traveled, how to use UTM with your GPS and compass, and how to travel and azimuth. Printed on 30 Mil plastic credit card stock. Made in the USA. MADE IN THE USA!

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SERGEANT Emergency Sleeping Bag, Extra-Thick, Lightweight, Military Grade

sergeant emergency sleeping bag, extra-thick, lightweight, military grade


SERGEANT® was launched with a very clear mission: Build The World's Toughest Outdoor Gear. Gear that our customers can always rely on.

To achieve that goal, SERGEANT® is dedicated to using the strongest materials and the newest manufacturing techniques, combined with traditional hand craftsmanship, to ultimately produce the most rugged, reliable and trusted products in the industry.

The SERGEANT® Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag with included Carrying Pouch was built to keep you safe and protected in the harshest environmental conditions.


- Multi-Functional for All Your Needs

- Extra-Thick, Lightweight & Portable

- Tear & Puncture Resistant

- Protection Against Rain, Wind & Cold

- Lifetime Warranty

So, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer or every-day traveler, you can be confident that products stamped with the SERGEANT trademark are ready for action and built to last.

That is our commitment to you.

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survival Work/Home First Aid Kit

survival work-home first aid kit

Dimensions: Weight = 3.3 lb Dimensions when closed = 7.1 inches x 5.5 inches x 11 inches Dimensions when opened = 28.3 inches x 11 inches There is no longer a removable panel section. We have added extra space on the back of what this panel used to do and left it inside the KIT so that you can add additional items. Adhesive dressings, 50; Pencil, 1; Notepad - located at the back of the first aid booklet; Rust Resistant forceps, 1; Fever scan strip, 3; Disposable splinter probes (2 packs of 5), 10; Survival First Aid Booklet, 1; Bandage shears, 1 Emergency Items: ready for any emergency: Skin cleaning wipes, (1 with CPR kit), 10; Combine dressing, sterile, 10cm x 20cm, 1, Conforming cotton bandage: 5cm x 1.8m (3), 7.5cm x1.8m (3); Cotton gauze swabs, sterile 7.5cm x 7.5cm, (5 packs of 3), 15; CPR card, 1; Emergency foil blanket, 2.1m x 1.6m, 1; Eye pads, sterile, 4; Hydro gel, 3.5ml sachets, 5; Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm, 1; Nitrile gloves, large, (1 pair in CPR kit), 5; Non adherent wound dressing: 5cm x 5cm (6); 7.5cm x 10cm (3); 10cm x 10cm (1); Plastic bags, 3; Pressure bandage, crepe, medium weight, 10cm x 1.8m, 2; Resuscitation face mask, disposable, in CPR kit, 1; Safety pins, 6; Saline, 15 ml, 8; Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136 cm , 1; Wound closures, sterile, (1 pack of 3), 3; Wound dressing: No 14 (1); Authentic T3 Tactical Trauma Bandage by Persys Medical, 1; Tourniquet - Military, 1

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Vigilant Trails Survival Squirrel Pole Snare Kit + Squirrel Calls

vigilant trails survival squirrel pole snare kit - squirrel calls

Squirrels are as abundant as fish in many locations, making them an ideal target for your survival food acquisition needs. Squirrel Poles are easy to construct providing you have the right materials. Vigilant Trails Survival Squirrel Pole Snare Kit makes it easy to set-up a 5 snare set using just the contents of this small tin. Included in this kit are three Vigilant Trails Squirrel Calls that will help locate, flush-out, soothe and attract. Greatly improving your odds. The Vigilant Trails Survival Squirrel Pole Snare Kit is part of the Vigilant Trails Pocket / Survival Kit line of products. Made in the USA & Canada. Vigilant Trails is a Registered Trademark of Vigilant Trails LLC, Be Prepared | Stay Prepared is a Trademark of Vigilant Trails LLC. All Rights Reserved 2013-2018.

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